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Beeps carpet

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Beep carpet - is a safe space for the little ones. It is recommended for children up to three years of age to play on it. It is fun for babies to play with and easy for parents to take care of.

Beep carpet came straight from the room of the book heroine Kake Makė, so you can find the most fun gadgets on it! It is fun not only to inspect and touch them, but also to overcome them as if they were barriers. This is a particularly cool place for young children to play.

Practical information

Practical information

• Dimensions (length x height x width): 5 x 1 x 4 (m)

• Number of participants: up to 10 children up to 3 years of age at a time.

• Location: smooth grassy or hard surface.

• Safety: Do not use in strong winds.

• Rental package: equipment with fasteners + full service of the equipment (preparation, maintenance, dismantling).

• Prerequisites: access to the event area.

• Rental price: on request.

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