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Nothing serious obstacle course

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Click to rate project and nothing seriou publishing house present entertainment equipment of the same name to people of all ages.

The construction of the mobile, inflatable trampoline consists of 10 parts with a large skating rink and different obstacles: roller coaster, booms, bubbles, mazes and so on. Combining all the parts into a solid line would stretch them up to 62 meters!

The entire "Nothing Serious" trampoline arena is reminiscent of a stadium track with obstacles. The oval space can rage about 100 children at a time. The uniqueness of these trampolines is that they can be entertained by adults. all the equipment is designed so that the whole family can be on it - from baby to grandfather.

This is especially convenient for adults who care about the safety of younger children.

Practical information

  • Dimensions (total obstacle course): 54-126 (m).
  • Participants: up to 100 children at a time.
  • Location: both outdoors and indoors, and dry, smooth grassy or hard surfaces without sand or dirt.
  • Safety: Do not use outdoors when it is raining, lightning, strong winds.
  • Rental package: inflatable amusement park with all the necessary inflation equipment, electric wires, anchor pins + full equipment service (preparation, maintenance, dismantling).
  • Prerequisites: access to the event area + electricity supply.
  • Rental price: on request.

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