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Water entertainment

Water entertainment

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What to do in the summer? Break out! The Orbita water equipment consists of 9 parts that add to the real fun in the water. The equipment can be installed anywhere where there is a body of water. It can be operated in whole or in part.

Choose the whole set, one or more parts that work best for your summer entertainment:

1. Small swings

2. The big swing

3. Saturn

4. Iceberg

5. Slide

6. A small trampoline with a skating rink

7. Large trampoline with skating rink

8. Boom

9. Airbag

On this equipment you can not only entertain, but also organize various challenges, competitions, relays and so on. On a hot summer day, it has never been so much fun to swim in the water!

Practical information

Practical information

• Dimensions: Orbita water entertainment consists of 9 parts. Parts can be rented separately.

• Number of participants: 1-3 adults at a time on one part.

• Location: body of water

• Safety: Do not use in strong winds.

• Rental package: equipment with anchoring elements + full equipment service (preparation, maintenance, dismantling).

• Prerequisites: access to a body of water

• Rental price: on request.

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