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Bubble soccer

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This attraction is great even for those who do not like football or even do not know to play soccer! The players dressed in large inflatable balls feel invincible. During the game, they try to kick as many goals into their own, and not their opponents’ goal nets.

Practical information

  • Dimensions (diameter): 1,5 (m); 1,2 (m)
  • Capacity: 1 player per ball (max 20 players).
  • Safety: cannot be used when raining, snowing, during strong wind.
  • Surface: grass or smooth surface (no sand or dirt)
  • What we provide: the bubbles + blower(s)
  • What you need to provide: smooth area to play on + electricity (220V)
  • Suggested add-ons: inflatable goals
  • Rental price: quoted upon request.

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