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Kakė Makė entertainment arena

Kakė Makė entertainment arena

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The Tooth Fairy Space, the Messy Dwarf Room, a fun trampline and other challenges await visitors to the Kakės Makės entertainment arena. This inflatable trampoline complex is particularly safe. Enclosed spaces - one entrance and exit ensures that babies will have fun without any worries.

Kakės Makės entertainment arena is located in a semicircle. It consists of 5 parts with various inflatable barriers. Favorite characters in the books do not leave indifferent children as well as children who have already grown up.

This is a great solution for those looking for entertainment that would be as fun and safe as possible for children.

Up to 10 children can be on one part. Kakės Makės entertainment arena is intended for children, but adults can also climb on it if necessary to take care of the little ones.

Practical information

  • Dimensions (all arenas): 24 x 17 (m).
  • Participants: up to 50 children at a time.
  • Location: both outdoors and indoors, and dry, smooth grassy or hard surfaces without sand or dirt.
  • Safety: Do not use outdoors when it is raining, lightning, strong winds.
  • Rental package: inflatable amusement park with all the necessary inflation equipment, electric wires, anchor pins + full equipment service (preparation, maintenance, dismantling).
  • Prerequisites: access to the event area + electricity supply.
  • Rental price: on request.

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