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Nelly Jelly inflatables

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Nelly Jelly themed inflatables won't leave anyone dissapointed. Story characters like Tooth Fairy, Disorderl Dwarf, Super Father will follow you throught the inflatable park. Challenges with ladders, slides, tunnels and moving parts will make your journey extremely fun.

There isn't any better way to spend free time with your friends like frolicking in the Nelly Jelly inflatable park. Up to 4-6 kids and adults can be playing on each part. So bring your party and have fun!

Practical information

  • Dimensions:  9 x 5 x 2-4 (m) - each part
  • Participants: 4 - 6 persons at a time on each part.
  • Surface: suitable for both outdoor and indoor surfaces, on dry, grassy or hard, free of sand and dirt landscape.
  • Safety: forbidden to use when: raining; blowing strong winds; stormy.
  • What we provide: the inflatable attraction with blower + full service (setup, supervision, take-down).
  • What you need to provide: transport access to venue + electricity (details depend on the rental requirements).
  • Rental price: quoted upon request.

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