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Nothing serious maze

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"Nothing Serious" maze is a great space for hiding and trapping! The heroes drawn by the artist Sigutė Ach become participants in a fun game.

This play area is popular with both toddlers and grown children. It’s fun to hide behind inflatable obstacles as well as play a variety of games. The trampoline is equipped with a safety net, so it is especially safe.

Adults can see the children play and, if necessary, climb on the trampoline and help them.

Practical information

Dimensions: 10 x 10 (m).
Participants: up to 10 children at a time.
Location: both outdoors and indoors, and dry, smooth grassy or hard surfaces without sand or dirt.
Safety: Do not use outdoors when it is raining, lightning, strong winds.
Rental package: inflatable amusement park with all the necessary inflation equipment, electric wires, anchor pins + full equipment service (preparation, maintenance, dismantling).
Prerequisites: access to the event area + electricity supply.
Rental price: on request.

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