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Safari Race

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Have you ever ridden an exotic animal? Or maybe an inflatable one? In the Safari Race, the participants have to overcome a 15-meter racetrack, not casually, but only on inflatable animals! The only challenge is - they have no legs. Sooo, you got to use your own. Oh well.., but don't worry this hippodrome track will surely make you laugh.

Practical information

  • Dimensions (hippodrome):  15 x 7 x 2,5 (m).
  • Participants: up to 6 people at a time.
  • Surface: suitable for both outdoor and indoor surfaces, on dry, grassy or hard, free of sand and dirt landscape.
  • Safety: forbidden to use when: raining; blowing strong winds; stormy.
  • What we provide: the inflatable attraction with blower + full service (setup, supervision, take-down).
  • What you provide: transport access to venue + electricity (details depend on rental requirements).
  • Rental price: quoted upon request.

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