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No one wants to sit on a bench during this lesson!
No bending, jumping, hanging on the crossbar or other exercises. A physical education lesson can be like this! ,,No barriers!" the format of the event appeals to both freshmen and twelfth graders. Even teachers rush on inflatable trampolines!

Other Physical Education Lessons "No Barriers!" the main goal is to encourage students to move, be active and be healthier. The colorful inflatable trampolines are not only a lot of fun, but also a great tool for developing dexterity, strength, coordination, speed and endurance.

Each lesson lasts normally, 45 minutes, but there are not a single boring ones during them. Younger children like to hang out, older students like to compete.

Such an unconventional physical education lesson evokes a lot of good emotions. Its attendance often increases up to 100 percent. Sitting on a bench and watching others rage is a bigger challenge than attending a lesson like this.

Teachers value not only the original entertainment, but also the advantage it provides - the strengthening of teamwork. To overcome obstacles, students need to help each other, motivate classmates, communicate, and collaborate.

Feedback from students and teachers on these lessons is particularly positive. Other, non-traditional lessons bring new experiences to the daily lives of students and teachers. Fun experiences unite the entire school staff.

A different physical education lesson requires only a free gym. Our staff conducts warm-up, instruction and active activities. We also create schedules so that the whole class can try out the entertainment.

This format of the event can be adapted to companies and various groups. After all, it’s always fun to go back to the school gym and have fun!


Type: active, team entertainment.

Location: gym, stadium, arena or similar.

Participants: 100-600 people.

Duration: 45 minutes (2-3 class lessons), 1-6 lessons.

Price: on request.

Additional services: photo and video.

Practical information

Bad weather: not scary.
Service: full organization of the event with original inventory.
Prerequisites: discuss the need for additional services in advance.

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