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Christmas upside down

Celebrate originally!

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When everyone celebrates same, You can celebrate differently!

“Christmas Upside Down” is an active form of team building event. It is especially suitable for teams who like inclusive, team games, and after that – festive parties. The original passion stimulates, speeds up the pulse, rejuvenates the cheeks and gives pleasure. People who are dead, frozen, concerned about people come to life, gain positive energy and emotions.

“Christmas Upside Down” is a game in which the team handles traditional Christmas affairs unconventionally: it transports parcels through obstacles, constructs Christmas trees, sets snowballs, solves the puzzles of whoever will receive or receive gifts and, of course, rushes.

How to dress? Participants in this game have participated in wearing a wide variety of costumes, costumes, leisure robes, skirts and even dresses. We do not know if it was very convenient, but that’s fun – it’s really.

When you do a task, you will not overdo it when you shop around, so you can dance right into the bar after the event. No one team did this – nobody complained, nobody left the bar. When everyone is celebrating the table, you can celebrate differently.


Type: teamwork, entertaining, active game.

Location: indoors, ex. sports hall.

Participants: 20-160 people.

Duration: 3-4 hours with a break.

Price: provide us with your requirements for a quotation.

Extras (optional): photo and video; meals; professional showman; professional sound and light.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: nothing to worry about, we are indoors.
  • What we provide: full event with unique equipment.
  • What we need: to learn the needs for location and additional services.

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