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Fire hunting

A game for gambling teams

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In one sentence

It is a game consisting of logic and tasks and puzzles related to the theme of fire.


Red color, heat, passion, passion create a festive mood, so it is suitable for various events and parties when you need inspiration before fun.

The purpose of the game

Solve the tasks correctly and earn as many points as possible.


The structure of this game is similar to our other author's game "Twelve", but the tasks differ not only in theme but also in presentation. For example, in the Fire Hunt, as in Twelve, there are tasks with odors, but they don't need to be named exactly, but linked to pictures that have already been submitted. Smells are also other, they do not recur. Each task is authentic, so participants, even after playing a similar game, will have to look for other "hooks" and solutions.

Which team is right for you?

Suitable for people who don't like traditional "Battles of Minds". "Fire hunting" is not a passive (only guessing), but an active game in which team members are constantly working together. As they play, they focus on the task and look for ways to solve the puzzles. Not only knowledge is important in this game, but also the ability to think creatively and notice clues. Suitable for teams that value not only victories but also good mood, various details that enrich the game and interesting experiences.


Type: team, entertaining, gambling.
Location: the game is organized in any place chosen by the client throughout Lithuania. Conference or banquet halls with tables are most suitable.
Participants: 10-100 people.
Duration: 2.5 hours. with a break.
Price: on request. Additional services (according to customer needs): prizes, photos and videos, professional sound and lighting.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: not scary.
  • Service: full organization of the event with original inventory.
  • Prerequisites: Discuss the needs for the venue and additional services in advance.

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