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Navigational adventure event

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In one sentence

Teamwork, logic challenges, foot speed and real forest navigation skills.


Fun game combines active lifestyle recreation, time spent together and elements of competition. It is suitable for participants of all physical abilities. Your head will tasked to work as much as your legs.

Objective of the game

„To crack“ the FOREST CODE!


FOREST CODE is not only about finding your way around with the help of a map, but also about engaging tasks and challenges that need to be solved. Your team will need to rely on logic, rational and cool-headed thinking, and maybe even use the 6th sense. Orienteering challenges will test your legs, team cohesion, communication and decision-making skills.

What kind of team is it for?

Teams that are not afraid to lose, but have a strong team spirit and are committed to do all what it takes to win. If your team's vocation is to tackle difficult tasks, get out of challenging situations, then the FORECT CODE is for you.


  • Type: teambuilding, recreational, intellectual game
  • Location: the game is organised in the private forest near Vilnius
  • Participants: 10 to 100 people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: on request
  • Additional services (according to client's needs): prizes, photo and video, food and drinks

Practical information

  • Inclement weather: not a tragedy, the game only brings more challenges
  • What is on offer: full event organisation with original equipment
  • Prerequisites: Must discuss in advance clothing requirements and additional service needs
  • COVID-19: this is a non-contact activity in an open space in small groups

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