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Mission Mars

Cosmic draft for an adventurous journey

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If travel to Mars is scheduled - at least it should be with the best company possible!

“Mission Mars“- have you ever heard of such a thing? The objective is to select the most suitable people and to settle them on this mysterious red planet for one year. The most important task is to send the best people so that they could not only survive there but also establish a civilization. The players will have to complete 6 different tasks.

People who will be sent to Mars must be: wise, physically strong and able to work in a team. The selection process for the interplanetary journey will be even more fun than the travel itself. You will be surprised not only by original tasks but also by the mood created by all the lights, music and inflatable attractions.


Type: team building, entertainment, active game.

Venue: indoor sports hall and similar.

Participants: 20-200 people.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Price: please inquire.

Extra services: photo and video, catering, professional DJ, professional sound and lights.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: irrelevant.
  • Service: full event organization with unique equipment.
  • Required: to decide on venue and additional service requirements.

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