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Goldberg machine

The construction challenge

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In one sentence: This is a fun construction puzzle for the team, where a working machine is created from individual parts.

Some stories:

Various composite devices designed to perform very simple actions are named in honor of the American cartoonist, sculptor, writer and inventor Rube Goldberh. In his cartoons, he loved to depict devices whose functions are extremely simple and even witty. In one of his comics, for example, he depicted a mechanism for using a napkin that included means such as an alarm clock, a firecracker, and even a live parrot.

While everyone understands the absurdity and unnecessaryness of such mechanisms, people love to play. Thus gradually appeared Golberg machines not only on a piece of paper but also in reality. For example, engineers at one university created a machine that performed as many as 300 actions! And all this, for a particularly simple purpose - to burst the balloon and blow it up.

One of the most important features of Golberg machines is their impracticality, but there is no denying that those who create them have a really good imagination and even a sense of humor.


Participants work in separate groups, but do not compete with each other. They are united, inspired and motivated by the common goal.

The purpose of the game

When working in small groups, the participants of the game have to construct a system that would help to achieve the overall result - a harmonious Goldberg machine. That is, when you launch the ball or any other object, it must knock out other details and reach the finish line successfully.


This game uses a wide variety of tools - sticks, hooks, funnels, screws, screws, ropes, cardboard, buckets, balls, blocks and many more. All this helps the participants to improvise and create, to think unconventionally.

Which team is right for you?

Like quieter, logical challenges. It takes not only ideas but also patience to build a Goldberg machine, because not everything comes out the first time. But how much joy there is when the machine works like a Swiss watch!


Type: team, logic, fun game.

Location: the game is organized in any place chosen by the client throughout Lithuania.

Participants: 20-150 people.

Duration: 2-4 hours. with a break.

Price: on request.

Additional services (according to the client's needs): prizes, photos and videos.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: not scary.
  • Service: full organization of the game with inventory.
  • Prerequisites: Discuss the needs for the venue and additional services in advance.

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