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Brain Battle

The classic of team building

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In one sentence

It's a game for any occasion - the question-and-answer format is simple, yet exciting and engaging.

The purpose of the game

Answer as many questions on specific topics as possible.


"Battle of the Brain" questions are usually divided into tours according to certain topics. There are 5 rounds in the classic format: four consisting of 11 open-ended questions and a lightning tournament with possible answer options. The lightning tournament consists of 20 questions. The "Battle of the Brain" issues are very diverse, often categorized under certain themes, such as cinema, music, sports, fashion, cuisine, history, interfaces, and more. Also, at the customer's request, special questions related to the company's topics, its employees, etc. can be inserted.

Which team is right for you?

It would probably be hard to find people unfamiliar with this game, so it’s for everyone. Players know what to expect, the rules are simple, fun to play.


Type: team, intelligent, entertaining game.

Location: the game is organized in any place chosen by the client throughout Lithuania. Conference or banquet halls with tables are most suitable.

Participants: 20-500 people.

Duration: 2.5 hours. with a break.

Price: on request.

Additional services (according to the client's needs): prizes, photos and videos, professional sound and lighting.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: not scary.
  • Service: full organization of the game.
  • Prerequisites: Discuss the needs for the venue and additional services in advance.

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