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Have you ever tried to resist the insidious Eliminator? And to beat the bubble? Inflatable obstacle course - just an easy walk? And is the inversion of Cuba a child's play?

Prove it!

The format of the "No Obstacles" event does not leave anyone indifferent. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and hobbies.

The inflatable obstacle course can be built from 27 to 120 meters and equipped with a playground that will never get bored.

The Insidious Eliminator is a two-spinning boom that makes you have fun.

Duel lovers will definitely enjoy the Run, the Fight Ring, or the Pillow Battle, and Sumo wrestling always causes a lot of passion and laughter.

Fans of team sports can unleash their accumulated energy by playing Bubble Football or flipping Cuba.

Lovers of quieter challenges will love Smigol, Inflatable Table Football or Crazy Basketball.

It’s up to you what kind of entertainment you choose and what challenges you decide to face.

It is a great format for active, adventurous and fun teams. For those who like to "splurge" and can't live without adventure.

We will install "No obstacles!" an adult playground anywhere there is enough space. We guarantee that you will leave it discharged, but with a wide smile.


Type: entertainment, team event, competition.

Location: indoors / outdoors.

Participants: 20-500 people.

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Price: on request and needs.

Additional services: photo and video.

Practical information

Location: depending on the entertainment - smooth grass or hard surface (without sand or dirt).

Bad weather: In case of bad weather, alternative entertainment is offered.

Rental package: full organization of an active event with quality inventory, accounting of results, judging.

Prerequisites: access to the territory + electricity (on request).

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