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Office Olympics

Sports and entertainment festival for company teams

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Move, think, win!

Office Olympics game is a full set of original active and logic team building challenges. They rapidly draw participants in for common goal. They can be of any age, gender, physical readiness and interests. Teams negotiate from four to eight challenges. Referees measure results. Awards are presented to winners and runner ups after the event.

The aim of this game- strengthen informal links among people, invoke positive emotions, improve communication and teamwork, promote healthy and active lifestyle. It is a great way to reward company employees!


Keywords: teamwork, fun, olympic spirit.

Location: indoor / outdoor.

Participants: 20 – 200 people.

Duration: from 3 to 4 hours.

Price: provide us with your requirements for a quotation.

Extras (optional): photo and video services; catering.

Practical information

  • Surface: grass or steady surface (no sand or dirt).
  • Bad weather: indoor options will be offered.
  • What we provide: fully prepared attractions and event service: results calculations; refereeing.
  • What is required: access to venue and electricity.

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