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The most serious awards of the year

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Time to play!

Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. It can be seen from all parts of the world but in Lithuania it shines the brightest during the winter. It is interesting that the name of this star is pronounced the same as the word serious. The brightest and the most serious awards? Of course! You have worked hard during the year so now is the time to enjoy yourself and to light your own star. It is a game where there are no spectators or leaders, you all are going to be one team reaching for the same goal. What is it? Your task will be to overcome various tasks to light the brightest star in the night sky. But before that you will have to shine first!


Type: teamwork, entertaining, intellectual game.

Location: indoors, ex. conference hall with round tables.

Participants: 8-160 people.

Duration: 2 hours with a break.

Price: provide us with your requirements for a quotation.

Extras (optional): photo and video; meals; professional showman; professional sound and light.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: nothing to worry about, we are indoors.
  • What we provide: full event with unique equipment.
  • What we need: to learn the needs for location and additional services.

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