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Which team will win the gold contract?

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The best talents will never be strong one by one. The recipe for success is a cohesive team
The idea for this game was dictated by the novel "Ubik" by the famous American fantasy Philip K. Dick. Its main characters live in a world of the future where there is a fierce struggle between telepaths and anti-telepaths, clairvoyants, visionaries and other hair professionals who can penetrate people’s heads and read their most secret thoughts.

The concept of time is very relative here. The living, in special moratoriums, can interact with the dead, and the dead can exist in another reality.

But throughout this chaos, there is a company that offers people exotic services. They are provided by special talents: telepaths, anti-telepaths, clairvoyants, controllers, negotiators, animators, inertials, and others.

A company thrives when some have not only the best but also the most versatile team. One day, a mysterious businessman with a special mission turns to the company's manager Ransaiter. The team has to fly to the Moon and do one job - neutralize the harmful competitors.

The head of the company Ransaiter turns his head, which command to send? There are considerable challenges ahead of them. The team will have to defeat the lunar craters, move the PSI field, analyze the lunar map, withstand the exit into space, construct a special car, neutralize the bomb and return smoothly to Earth.

That's what this game is about. At the beginning, diverse teams of people with different qualities are formed. There are then team tests to find out which group will win the gold contract and be sent to complete the task.

During the game you need to overcome not only physical, but also logical, various team challenges. There is also an individual task for participants - Joe's call.

Ubik is a particularly addictive game whose main goal is to unite a team. The unconventional story draws into another, fictional reality and the participants feel as if they are actually participating in a special mission.

There is a discussion at the end of the game. The owners of the company, looking for the best candidates for Ubik’s special mission on the Moon, are noticing what the participants themselves may not have noticed. Talking about a challenge evokes good emotions as well as draws the team’s attention to certain colleagues.

In the end, the team is best awarded a gold contract.


Type: team, simulation game.

Location: open space or suitable enclosed spaces. We organize the game in the place chosen by the client, we work all over Lithuania.

Participants: 20-200 people.

Duration: 4-6 hours. with a break.

Price: on request.

Additional services (according to the client's needs): prizes, photos and videos, professional sound and lighting.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: We are always looking for customer-friendly alternatives.
  • Service: full organization of the event with original inventory.
  • Prerequisites: Discuss the needs for the venue and additional services in advance.

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