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Tурнир надувного настольного футбола

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Is there soccer without sweat and ball dribbling? Is soccer game where men and women are equal — a fantasy?  No, if it is a giant inflatable table soccer! The court measures 18 meters in length, where teams of 6-8 people compete each other. The event is run according to the tournament table. Following the final match, award ceremony is conducted where winners and best players are recognized.

The aim of tournament — draw participants into non-standard activity which invokes positive emotions, strengthen communication and teamwork. «Air-goal» (in lithuanian — Orogolas) tournament is ideal for large groups — the more teams play, the more fun they have!


Keyword: teamwork, fun, competitive spirit.

Location: indoor / outdoor.

Participants: 10 – 250 people.

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours.

Price: ask us for a free quotation.

Extras (optional): photo and video services; catering.

Практическая информация

  • Surface: grass or steady surface (no sand or dirt).
  • Bad weather: in case you plan an outdoor event, indoor option will be offered.
  • What we provide: fully prepared attraction and event service: results calculations, tournament table, awards ceremony; refereeing.
  • What is required: access to venue and electricity (220V).

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