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Cтрастная игра для страстных команд

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Team building concept description

Engaging game for venturesome teams!

Twelve challenges within two hours — will your team manage and succeed? Knowledge, life experience, logic and original thinking, creativity, teamwork and individual decisions — all these qualities make or break teams in the game «Twelve.»  This game is not a traditional brain battle. This game — a fun adventure with original tasks, which reveale a wide range of human qualities.

The players will have to use not only their mind but also their other senses — sight, hearing, smell, taste and even the sixth sense. The game is intense, but there won’t be much sweat. The action takes place at the tables, so the participants can easily  smarten themselves — festive attire and mood will not interfere with demonstration of their best skills.


Keywords: teamwork, playfulness, gamification

Location: indoor space with tables, for ex. conference hall

Participants: 8 – 160 people

Duration: 2 hours

Price: please ask for a free quotation.

Extras (optional): photo and video services; catering; professional light and sound, professional event host

Практическая информация

  • Bad weather: no worries, we’ll be indoors.
  • What we provide: full active event management.
  • What we need from you: requirements regarding venue and additional services.

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