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A festive team building game

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In one sentence

It is a game based on the theme of bees and friendship, in which the unity of the team is very important.


Suitable for very large teams, it also does not last long because it is uncomplicated and dynamic.

The purpose of the game

Collect as much "honey" (points) as possible and become the best "hive" (team).


Each task is a separate problem that needs to be solved together with the team. While all challenges are united by bee themes, this is not a test of knowledge about bees or the work of a beekeeper. This is just a form of task submission, the main function of which is to involve team members as much as possible in the overall activities. The tasks are not difficult, they are fun, so the hives (teams) boil during the game. The game is even more fun if it is followed by buzz with a DJ or band.

Which team is right for you?

This game is great for big teams as well as those with a lot of employees and they don’t all know each other. Players divided into hives (teams) have the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better while completing tasks. The tasks perfectly "stick" to the team.


Type: team, intelligent, entertaining game.

Location: the game is organized in any place chosen by the client throughout Lithuania. Conference or banquet halls with tables are most suitable.

Participants: 250-400 people.

Duration: 2 hours. with a break.

Price: on request.

Additional services (according to the client's needs): prizes, photos and videos, professional sound and lighting.

Practical information

  • Bad weather: not scary.
  • Service: full organization of the game.
  • Prerequisites: Discuss the needs for the venue and additional services in advance.

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