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100 meter long inflatable obstacle course

Yellow. Green. Red.

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100 meter long inflatable obstacle course “Green, Yellow, Red” is the first inflatable attraction of such size in the Baltics. It is designed for entire family member irrelevant of their age and physical strength.

It is like a magnet for children but adults cannot stay indifferent either.  100 meter inflatable obstacle course is a great team building activity for company events, communities and friends get together parties. It leaves participants with great positive emotions and long lasting memories.

The obstacle course is a great attraction for public events, festivals, team building projects and competitions.

The obstacle course consists of many separate modular pieces thus it can be constructed in the most unexpected places and arranges according to the needs and requirements.

Each part of the obstacle course is original and unique. The participants must climb, crawl, jump, slide, balance and do more. The height of the obstacles varies from 2 to 4.5 meters. Both personal strength and teamwork are needed in order to complete entire course.

The inflatable course is a very high quality product made in European Union. It complies with all safety requirements.

Practical information

  • Dimensions:  100 x 5 x 4.5 (m). Can be extended with other inflatable obstacle courses up to 339 meters length.
  • Load: up to 1000 people per day.
  • Surface: dry, smooth, grassy or hard surface; no sand, no dirt. Indoors and outdoors.
  • Safety: forbidden to use when raining or snowing, during lighting storm, strong winds.
  • What we provide: the inflatable attraction with blower + full service (setup, supervision, take-down).
  • What you need to provide: transport access to venue + electricity (details depend on the rental requirements).
  • Rental price: quoted upon request.

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